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Absolute Pest Solutions

Absolute Pest Solutions

Protecting people and property of Arizona from pests, termites, and weeds in Arizona for more than 35 years.

Waking Up With Bug Bites Often?

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Bed Bug Removal and Bed Bug Control

Have bed bugs infested your home? Get rid of your bug problem with the help of Absolute Pest Solutions. You can count on us to eradicate bed bugs from your home with our exclusive heating solution.

The heat treatment process includes:

  • Inspecting your property to determine which rooms have bed bugs
  • Heating infested areas to 140 degrees
  • Allowing the heat to enter the walls

Our heating solution usually takes around four hours to complete and is essentially full-proof. There will be a tiny chance of bed bugs returning. However, if a problem occurs again within 90 days, we’ll come back for free.

Ready to eliminate your bed bug problem? Call Absolute Pest Solutions today!

Your Time Won’t Be Wasted When You Choose Us

We understand you need a good night’s sleep to function during everyday tasks, but bed bugs put a halt to that. Our goal is to get you back to regular sleeping hours quickly.

Our competitors use trapping techniques to exterminate bed bugs. However, this method isn’t as effective and takes longer to complete. That’s why we use an electric heating system that safely and effectively solves your bed bug problem.

Stop wasting time! Call us right away to treat your bed bugs within 48 hours.

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