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Absolute Pest Solutions

Absolute Pest Solutions

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Pigeon Control

I get asked this question many times when providing a proposal to eliminate a pigeon problem. “Why do we charge to clean up the waste?” or “why should we do that?”

Well, there are some obvious reasons. For example, there’s disease and fungus that can cause health concerns. Also, their waste is acidic and could cause harm to your property.

However, the biggest reason is the fact that they reflect ultraviolet light. We can’t see it but birds can. The higher accumulation of waste, the safer other birds think the area is for them and therefore attracts more birds to the area (which you are trying to exclude them from).

So, if you have a bird problem, please let us come out and provide a proposal to resolve the issue. At a minimum, allow us to clean the areas for you.

More blog posts coming soon!

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