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Absolute Pest Solutions

Absolute Pest Solutions

Protecting people and property of Arizona from pests, termites, and weeds in Arizona for more than 35 years.

Don’t Let Termites Destroy Your Largest Investment

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Effective Termite Control and Removal

If you need termite removal services, call Absolute Pest Solutions. We’ll use Termidor to destroy entire colonies of termites.

For the most effective results, we start the Termidor process by applying the liquid along the walls of your home. After spreading the solution:

    • Termidor bonds with the soil to create a Termidor zone
    • Termites eat any treated materials
  • Termites die or become carriers from consuming the treatment

Reach out to us immediately when you see any sign of termites.

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Schedule a Termite Inspection

For termite control, an inspection is the most effective way to determine how many rooms are infested in your home. This way, we know the size of the termite problem we’re dealing with.

Once the initial infestation is under control, our team can come to your home and retreat as needed. Depending on the level of infestation, you can sign up for one, two, or three-year retreatment plans in the Glendale area to prevent future termite problems.

To learn more about our termite pest control services, call 602-550-1932 today!

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